10 Glowy Makeup Essentials

Who doesn’t want to look like a golden goddess?? I know I know it’s not for everyone and some people prefer a matte finish, but for my dewy lovers, these products are so good. I’ve used them on myself as well as on clients and they never let me down so, if you want to fulfill all your golden dreams, read on

  1. Ambient Lighting Bronzer – Hourglass
    If you want a fast and easy bronzer that works on all skin tones and types, you would love this. It glides on like a dream and never patches even if you don’t powder your face first leaving behind a natural bronze glow. Just use a fluffy brush and apply it around the perimeters of your face, on the bridge of your nose, and in your crease (still using the fluffy face brush) and you’re all set.
  2. Dewy Set Setting Spray – ABH
    This setting spray is free of alcohol, mineral oils, and parabens. It adds a subtle glow (not a sweaty look at all!!) and melts powder and liquid products together for a natural, skin-like finish. The spray could also be used for skin prep and it makes foundation go on beautifully.
  3. Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow – Fenty Beauty
    A universal peachy-rose shade that gives the right amount of gloss, isn’t sticky, and hydrates lips. This lipgloss is certainly the out-the-door, throw in my purse, fast lip type.
  4. Touche Eclat All-In-One Glow – YSL
    This medium coverage tinted moisturizer gives a luminous, healthy finish to your face. It looks beautiful whether applied with a sponge, brush, or your hands. I personally love the ease of using my fingers to warm the product into my skin for an even skin tone. The only downside is the shade range.
  5. Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3% – The Ordinary
    Glowy makeup is great and all but what’s even better is glowy bare skin so, I included one of my favorite skincare products. Combining resveratrol (a natural phenol) and ferulic acid (an antioxidant), this serum brightens the overall appearance of your skin and lightens hyper pigmentation and dark spots. It has helped so much with my acne marks and just leaves my skin looking much more even and radiant.
  6. Matte Bronzer – Milk Makeup
    Two bronzers, one list! This one is for all matte lovers out there that don’t want a chalky or patchy matte bronzer. This blends effortlessly on top of liquids and powders with either a brush or sponge. Since it’s a cream product, it still gives a hydrated healthy finish but isn’t too dewy.
  7. Sunset Palette – Natasha Denona
    I apologize for including such a ridiculously expensive palette but it is just soooooooo gooooooood. The combination of warm browns and oranges with bronzes and golds just creates the perfect golden hour look and who doesn’t want to glow like it’s golden hour?! Also, it’s a Natasha Denona palette so all the shades are very pigmented and blend like a dream.
  8. Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush – Becca
    Ok, let me just say that I’m terrified because these may be getting discontinued. They’re no longer on the Sephora website and are discounted on the Becca website (perfect time to grab one). This formula blends so easily and gives the right amount of radiant color (no Annabelle cheeks). You know when you wake up and one look in the mirror makes you more tired than you already are?? Yea, these babies will give you the perfect pick-me-up and will make you feel so much better!
  9. Glow motions – Sol De Janeiro
    Do you want to show off the hottest legs in all your cute summer shorts and dresses?? Well, RUN to the store and buy this because it will make your legs look so smooth and glowy. Even though it feels oily to the touch, it barely transfers.
  10. Bloom Blush & Glow Palette – Natasha Denona
    Natasha Denona does it just right when it comes to glowy products. The palette includes two blushes and two highlighters that could be used as eyeshadows as well. You could get a full face with this palette which, in my opinion, justifies the price. Did I mention that everything applies so easily?

If you’ve made all the way here, congrats!! You’re ready to glow. Are any of these already your favorite? And, do you have any other favorites? Help a girl out and let me know in the comments!


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