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March Favorites

  1. Ultra Repair Barriair Cream

Yes, you read that right and I didn’t misspell it! I’ve been using this moisturizer for two months in the morning and it has improved the redness and texture of my skin. Since struggling with acne, I’ve used many harsh (in a good way) products to exfoliate my skin so along the process my skin’s barrier was weakened. The ceramides in this moisturizer helped restrengthen the barrier (less redness and less breakouts) while the hyaluronic acid retained moisture.

2. Basket Heart Patent Puma Sneakers – White

These are seriously the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever worn!! I survived in Disney for 3 days wearing these babies. They’re white so they go with everything and the patent material makes them easy to clean. The laces are white ribbon which adds the perfect feminine touch and they’re less than $100.

3. Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis

Nothing has been getting me through Tampa rush hour except this audio book! If you are looking for an extra boost of confidence and want advice from a girlfriend (Rachel makes you feel like your best friends!), you have to read this book. It truly makes you feel like you could accomplish anything and will change your perspective on life.

4. White Denim – American Eagle

If you’ve never tried AE jeans, do yourself a favor and run to your closest AE! They’re super comfortable and come in so many colors and this white one has been a staple for me because it goes with everything.

5. Question A Day Journal

I received this as a present from my aunt a couple of years ago but just started using it recently. Every day, you get to answer a question (some are more thought provoking than others) and you answer the same question every year for five years to see how your answer changes. It is such an easy way to keep a journal without having to write a lot!

6. Peony and Blush Suede – Jo Malone

This has been my go-to spring fragrance (probably will be for summer as well)! It has notes of peony, suede, and red apple and just smells like you’re in a perfect flower garden that isn’t too floral. Does that description make sense?! If not, grab a sample at Sephora and thank me later.

7. Melon Blush Bomb – Flower Beauty

Are you looking for the perfect peachy orange cream blush that doesn’t fade and blends perfectly? Your prayers have been answered because the Flower Beauty Blush Bomb in Melon is perfection. It isn’t too orange and looks very youthful and I’ve been using it every single day for the past month. (Don’t be fooled by the picture online because it looks more pink in the picture)

8. L’Oréal Unlimited Macara

As someone who makes a mess with mascara 8/10 times, this was my miracle in a bottle. The wand on this mascara bends to a full 90 degrees which allows you to reach your roots and coat every single lash without making a mess. Did I mention that the formula is lengthening?

9. Everyday T-shirt – Target

Mustardy yellow colors are a big trend this season and I’ve been wearing this t-shirt from Target so much. The material is really soft, it isn’t see through, and is under $10. I size up to a large so I could wear it with leggings or half tuck it into my jeans. Everyone needs a good tee rightttt?? (For some weird reason they decided to name this color gold on the website)

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