Five Ways to Feel Better

No matter what you're facing or how hard the years are knocking you down, just know that you're not alone. To get you started, I've put a list of 5 realistic things you could do now to make yourself feel better!

New year, new me! Or at least that’s what I thought. I had very high hopes for 2019, including a full schedule of blog posts and Instagram posts. We’re one month into the year and I haven’t posted once on either platform. Unfortunately, 2019 was off to a bad start for me. I lost my grandmother suddenly and let’s just say it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I thought I would never recover and honestly, I still haven’t, but I know she would’ve wanted me to continue the dream I’ve started. So, at the very least, I have to try. Sorry for the sad intro, but I hope this motivates some of you to keep going. No matter what you’re facing or how hard the years are knocking you down, just know that you’re not alone. To get you started, I’ve put a list of 5 realistic things you could do now to make yourself feel better!

1- Make a Vision Board

Vision boards don’t have to be complicated but they sure are motivating. My favorite way to make a vision board is online using Canva and just pasting different pictures to a grid. My 2018 vision board included things like the F.R.I.E.N.D.S logo to indicate that I wanted to focus on strengthening my relationships with my friends. The possibilities are endless and having a vision board is a constant reminder to keep going.

2- Tidy Up

Yes, yes, I know cleaning isn’t fun. However, a cluttered or visually unappealing environment just isn’t motivating. It adds to stress levels (they’re already high enough lol) and makes life harder. With the new year a clean slate (note the pun) is definitely encouraged. Trust me, you’ll feel better.

3- Find a Fun Daily Activity

This doesn’t have to be very extreme! If you enjoy exercising, go ahead! I personally don’t and just exercise to say healthy lol. However, I do enjoy blogging, editing pictures, and practicing my makeup skills so I make it a goal of mine to do one of these for at least five minutes each day. Whatever your fun activity may be, just make sure to do it so you could have at least one thing to look forward to everyday!

4- Be Around the People You Love

Whether it’s friends, family, or even your fur friends, just be around someone that makes you happy! Leaning on others for support is the best stress reliever I could think of. This brings me back to my main point, YOU’RE NEVER ALONE!

5- Give Yourself a Break and Don’t Do It All

Trust me, this is a hard one for some people including myself! Last semester, I was trying to do it all. I went to school full time, worked at Sephora part-time, and had two internships. Long story short, it was a semester full of panic attacks. Unfortunately, people only saw what was on the outside and wanted “advice” on how I could do it all so well. The truth is, my life was falling apart and I was exhausted and depressed so this semester I finally gave myself a break. You deserve one too!

Remember to keep smiling through the pain because even within the shadows, there is a ray of light.

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