Easy Everyday Makeup

Everyday Fall Makeup Favorites

It’s probably around this time of year when you’re barely getting enough sleep with work and school just threatening to ruin your lives. Trust me, I know the feeling. As a college student that wakes up at 5:00 am (6:00 am when I sleep in) I never have enough time in the mornings. That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to look put together. Looking put together and polished just puts you in a better mood and prepares you for the day ahead. So, if you would like to learn more about my favorite easy, everyday fall makeup products, just continue reading!

1- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

If you’re always on the run, don’t bother messing with foundation because it requires much blending and could look very messy if not done right. This is especially the case for me in humid Florida so I prefer lightweight coverage with SPF and the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is just perfect. It’s undetectable on the skin but evens out your skin tone and is very buildable. Plus, it has SPF so save one step and hit the snooze button an extra time! Just blend it in with your fingers and add more to areas that need extra coverage. Don’t forget that natural skin has “imperfections” peaking through and honestly I prefer this look to a full coverage one that masks my skin and feels very uncomfortable.

2- Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

This concealer has always been a favorite but especially during this time of year when it gets a bit colder (HAHA I’m in Florida so it only gets humid) and my under-eyes are too dry. The satin finish looks very healthy and natural while the coverage is medium to full coverage. Use light layers and build your way up to the coverage you’d like. It’s fast and easy since you could just use your fingers! And trust me this covers everything including my hereditary dark circles.

Tip: Set this concealer lightly because it will crease.

3- Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick (Gingerbread Man)

Let me just start by saying that this lipstick smells like your Christmas dreams! The sweet (surprisingly natural-ish) gingerbread scent is really nostalgic and the deep, rustic orange color is perfect for fall. It’s not too vampy but not too bright either. It adds the perfect amount of color that just makes you look like you tried way harder than you actually did. This formula is also very comfortable and budge-proof so kiss the night (or day) away with no worries. A bold lip is always a great idea for a pick me up in the morning when you’re rushing to get out the door.

4- Lash Paradise Mascara

Mascara has a shelf-life of only 3 months so be prepared to shop for mascara a lot! Thank God for Lash Paradise though because it works just as well as my favorite high-end mascaras and is less than half the cost. It’s also smudge-proof, volumizing, lengthening, and very black. Let’s face it: mascara is also the best way to make your eyes look more awake when you’re ready to beg for coffee.

5- On the Cusp Colourpop Highlighter

Colourpop super shock highlighters are some of my favorites because they are buildable and could give you a subtle or blinding glow. They don’t emphasize texture, are affordable, and are very easy to use (fingers again). This color is especially flattering on my skin tone (light with yellow undertones) but the shade range is very extensive and there is something for everyone. On minimal or no-makeup days (aka easy everyday makeup) these highlighters will give you a glow from within that hides the exhaustion and screams healthy.

6- Laura Geller Baked Blushes 

Blushing is always a sign of health and youth, especially in rosy and peachy colors. The Laura Geller Baked Blushes are perfect for this look because they have a sheen that enhances your glow without emphasizing any pores or texture. This is the only product on my list that requires a brush but trust me you could do this as you’re running out the door! (Pictured: Shade Tropic Hues)

I guarantee you that with these six products you will be running out the door in no time with a very put together and radiant look. This makeup routine only takes me five minutes and to be honest, on most days, I get all this done at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru because all I need are my fingers and a brush. Let me know what are your favorite products for easy, everyday makeup in the comments below!

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