10 Makeup Tips You Probably Don’t Know

So, I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing is to look up makeup tips. You know, those shortcuts that are going to make our lives easier and our makeup better. Over the years, I’ve acquired many skills, from doing other people’s makeup to learning from the best in the industry, and it’s time that I share them!

1. Covering the Uncover-able 

Pimples, we all get them and we all hate them. Fortunately, there is a way to keep them undercover without piling layers of full coverage foundation. Think about it this way, you’ll never have 100% of your skin’s surface covered in pimples. There will always be perfectly smooth skin and this is what you should focus on. To avoid looking unnatural or cakey, use a thin layer of foundation to even out your skin tone (after all that’s what foundation is actually for!). Next, go in with either a full coverage foundation stick or concealer that perfectly matches your foundation and use a small eyeshadow blending brush to buff the product on your imperfections. Make sure to powder these areas after.

Extra tip: Purchase a full coverage foundation that matches you perfectly instead of a tinted moisturizer. Then, use your regular moisturizer to sheer it out for all over application and use it without your concealer to cover imperfections. This way you’ll ensure a perfect shade match between both the “concealer” and foundation.

2. You Can’t Get Rid of the Bump

As much as I wish it was possible, texture can’t be covered. With pimples, you could only conceal the color to make it less detectable but the actual bump won’t disappear. You make it even worse with the heavy layers of coverage as they add more texture (you read tip 1 right??). To create an illusion of less texture, use a luminous setting powder to set all your foundation except the areas with texture, use a mattifying powder with these. The bump won’t completely disappear but the light reflecting particles  from the luminous powder will make the skin pop forward while the matte areas will recede. This is especially helpful in photos since the flash will be reflected back on the luminous powder only.

3. Some Things are Better Left Uncovered

With bumps that are completely beneath the skin and have no discoloration or redness, adding foundation or concealer would just enhance the texture. These bumps are usually hormonal and are found around the chin and jawline. They aren’t detected by the eye, but you could feel them with your hand. To even out the skin tone, just buff sheered out foundation with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush.

4.  The Smaller the Better

When it comes to your base, work in smaller sections using a small buffing brush or sponge. This ensures that base products are evenly distributed and blended perfectly to prevent any streaks or sharp lines. It also gives you more time to work with your cream and liquid products so they don’t dry or cake up. Yes, it’s more time consuming, but great things take time. Corny, I know!

5. Teasing Equals Volume

You’ve probably had your hair teased at least once in your life. You know, when they backcomb while using a volumizing product and you end up with the biggest hair of your life. Think 70’s hair. Well, the same could be applied to your eyebrows but in a less intense way. If you aren’t naturally blessed with bushy eyebrows, use a volumizing brow gel with fibers to comb your eyebrow hairs in the opposite direction of their growth before combing them back in place with the same gel.

6. Never Bake Your Fine Lines

We know baking is all the rage right now (adding an excessive amount of loose powder to set concealer and letting it sit for a while), but it’s not for everyone. If you have a lot of fine lines more powder will just emphasize the creases. Instead, set your concealer with a very light amount of powder using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Continue with the rest of your makeup and wait for your concealer to crease then tap the creases in and re-set one more time. Repeat this as many times as needed until creases no longer form.

7. Facial Sprays are Your Best Friend

Facial sprays are the holy grail of makeup. If you’ve over powdered or your skin looks extra dry, just spritz everything and fan yourself dry. If you’re looking dull in the middle of the day, a spritz will certainly refresh your look as well. Use your facial spray to make pigments more intense, to hydrate your skin, to set your makeup, and even to make your highlight pop!

8. Balance It Out

When it comes to long lasting makeup, the key is to powder so your base products don’t move around or break apart. However, this could make you look ghostly in pictures or very chalky and cakey. So, if you know that you will be using many powder products, make sure to use an extra amount of moisturizer. A simple rule to follow is the more the powder the more the moisturizer to avoid cake face.

9. Going Au Naturale

Cream products are the way to go if you want a very natural, lit from within look. The drawback is that these products are very emollient and move around and fade over time. Thank God, there is a way around all this! Apply all cream products as you normal would and use a translucent setting powder as your last step. Just push the powder into your skin with a fluffy powder brush and make sure to push not buff since you don’t want to be moving the rest of the products. If you’re avoiding powder all together because your skin is dry or you’re oily but don’t want a fully matte finish continue to the last tip!

10. Powder is Powder

Powder products work by absorbing excess oils on the surface of your skin but sometimes you want a dewy look. So, how do you get dewy skin without turning into a grease ball? First off, don’t use dewy foundations because they are designed for dry to very dry skin. Instead, opt for a luminous or radiant setting powder to dust over your face. Luminous powders contain regular particles as well as light-reflecting particles. This means that oil will continue to be absorbed but the light-reflecting particles will still give you a luminous look.

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